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北京快三开奖结果a healthy lifestyle is important to your health and wellbeing. the college of business and economics recognises this importance, and supports the efforts of staff to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing, and to maintain these changes.

北京快三开奖结果there are many aspects of health and wellbeing including physical, emotional, social, financial and mental health. the college is committed to promoting positive health for its staff.

in addition to the resources below, and the annual program of events, staff members and immediate families are encouraged to access the university’s  who offer a choice of counselling and advisory service providers who can help you work through a range personal and work-related issues.

Health and wellbeing links

Mental health resources


北京快三开奖结果the cbe hr team is excited to introduce and outline the staff wellbeing program for 2020. we have revamped our program and are pleased to offer you some favourites from last year, and a range of new sessions that align with the college's values and behaviours framework. 

Watch this space for further details on the dates, times and registration process for each of our Wellbeing sessions.

LGBTIQ Ally Training

LGBTIQ Ally Training

for the month of march the cbe wellbeing program will focus on inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

北京快三开奖结果the anu ally network is a visible network of staff and students across the university who support the university’s commitment to providing an inclusive and respectful university environment for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (lgbtiq+).

北京快三开奖结果ally training provides participants with an overall understanding of why lgbtiq+ inclusion is important and explores the challenges often faced by people who identify as a member of this community, and the impact that harassment and discrimination can have in the workplace.

北京快三开奖结果several training sessions are being held throughout the year. you can view upcoming workshops and register your attendance .



the cbe wellbeing program offers monthly meditation sessions, which are run by a qualified practitioner from the anu sport and recreation association and open to all cbe staff throughout 2020. these sessions are suitable for anyone, regardless of their physical condition or previous experience.

each half-hour meditation session will consist of a short sequence of simple exercises to maintain circulation and comfort. the meditations take place sitting on chairs to ensure an upright but comfortable posture for everyone.

the aim is to develop mindful awareness of breath, physical awareness, feelings, and thoughts in a controlled environment. with practice, mindful awareness can be applied beyond the practice into your workday and everyday life. 


we will be offering you the choice of two (2) half hour sessions run from 12.30 to 1:00pm; 1:00pm to 1:30pm

北京快三开奖结果all sessions will be held in the rsm seminar room (room 1106 of copland building # 24)    






北京快三开奖结果wednesday 22


wednesday 20


wednesday 17


北京快三开奖结果wednesday 15


wednesday 19


北京快三开奖结果wednesday 16


wednesday 21


wednesday 18

Flu Shot

Flu Shot

北京快三开奖结果the anu wellbeing program provides free flu vaccinations to staff annually. further information on appointment times and registrations will be available closer to the date.  

About the influenza vaccination

according to , which is a government-funded and approved health service, the best time to get the flu shot is early autumn to allow time to strengthen your immunity before the flu season starts. the influenza vaccination can prevent illness in about 50 to 60% of healthy adults under the age of 65. however, this percentage does vary year-by-year. while most people who get the flu recover without lasting effects, it can be very serious for some people and cause hospitalisation or even death. it is not possible to predict who will be severely affected. the national centre for immunisation research and surveillance (ncirs) have prepared a detailed fact sheet on influenza vaccines which is available .

there are to assist reducing the transmission of the influenza virus such as practising cough etiquette (covering the nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing) and washing hands before eating.

Difficult conversations

Difficult Conversations - For Supervisors 

北京快三开奖结果for the month of april the cbe wellbeing program is inviting supervisors to attend an employee assistance program (eap) support session about managing difficult conversations. this workshop aims to support supervisors with overseeing the performance and wellbeing of team members, and workplace relationships. not hurting people’s feelings when we communicate with them is a natural concern, so it is no wonder that when we are faced with a difficult conversation at work or home, it can be a challenge.

eap provider, assure programs, will deliver a one-hour workshop covering topics such as how the brain copes with difficult emotions and feedback and understanding the value of giving difficult feedback. these sessions provide participants with a practical framework to assist successfully engaging in difficult conversations.  

supervisors will be notified of details closer to the date.  

北京快三开奖结果useful resources

  • Assure Programs –
  • Internal and external resources -
  • Fair Work Ombudsman -


北京快三开奖结果in the month of may the cbe wellbeing program theme is resilience. as part of this topic we are looking at strategies to build mental toughness to assist staff in performing at their best when under pressure.

Throughout 2020, ANU Learning and Development have engaged Communicorp to facilitate the course Building Mental Toughness and Peak Performance Under Pressure. The sessions will be on in March, May, July and September.

at the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their own triggers of stress and know how to manage their responses to stress so that their performance is not impacted
  • Use practical skills to increase their mental toughness and maintain their performance when under pressure

you can register your attendance

useful resources:

  • – ANU Training
Financial Wellbeing

UniSuper Financial Wellbeing

for the month of june the cbe wellbeing program will focus on the theme of unisuper financial wellbeing. we are excited to incorporate this topic into the wellbeing program and will have an engaging guest speaker present at our session.

more details, including how to register for this session will be sent closer to the date.

explore more in-depth information through these useful links:



managing your money

北京快三开奖结果financial planning and crisis support

Civility in the Workplace

Civility in the Workplace

In July, Gail Frank (ANU Adviser to Staff) will be presenting on the topic of Civility in the Workplace and discussing the importance of civility, or lack of, and how it can affect our day-to-day interactions with others. We will also be looking at the CBE Values and Behaviours and their role in practicing civility at work.

more details, including how to register will be sent closer to the date.



in the month of august the theme of the cbe wellbeing program will be neurodiversity. 

neurodiversity refers to the different ways the brain can work and interpret information. it highlights that people naturally think about things differently.

北京快三开奖结果further information about guest speakers and registration details will be available closer to the date.  

北京快三开奖结果explore more on neurodiversity using the links below:

R U OK Day

R U OK Day

北京快三开奖结果for the month of september the cbe wellbeing program will focus on the theme of r u ok? cbe will be hosting a morning tea to highlight r u ok day, which is all about inspiring that simple but important question “are you ok?”

r u ok is a national suicide prevention charity dedicated to encouraging and empowering everyone to ask “are you ok?” of anyone struggling with life. 

we encourage staff to look out for each other by taking the time to have regular, meaningful conversations.  

starting these conversations at work will help us:

  • Make a real difference to those among us who might be going through a tough time
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace (our legal responsibility)
  • Connect staff who need some support with the

for more information about and support someone who might not be ok, see the .

Remember: A conversation could change a life.

National Carer’s Week

National Carer’s Week

in october the cbe wellbeing program will be celebrating national carer’s week, raising awareness of carers and the important role they have.

further information will be available closer to the date.

useful resources:

Community Benefit

Community Benefit

as we head into the festive season, in the month of november the theme of the cbe wellbeing program will be community.

北京快三开奖结果employee volunteering is an excellent way for community-minded organisations to exercise their corporate social responsibility. it is a viable alternative to donations or sponsorship.

further information will be available closer to the date.

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